2016 IIC 113 Shawnigan, Quebec

The IIC will be September 23-25, 2016 at the Auberge des Gouverneurs 1100 Promenade du St-Maurice, Shawinigan, G9N 1L8.

Six members of the ITF technical committee: GM Marano, GM Lan, GM Weiller, Master Laquerre, Master Norman and Master McPhail will be in attendance.

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IIC 113 Cost
Black Belt 1st – 3rd dan 235$us + 45$ = 280$us
Black belt 4th – 6th dan 285$us + 45$ = 330$us
Black belt 7th & 8th dan 185$us + 45$ = 230$us
(Banquet 45$us and includes Minestrone soup or cream, supreme of chicken, or steak in the sea salt of Sicily and harms matched sweet glass cups, tea, coffee and infusion included)

www.atpl-itf.com click on the IIC 113 for the seminar and the Hotel before August 22, 2016.

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